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Quadruple studio with private bathroom and kitchen

Ikona gości Ikona gości max. 4 ppl

Ikona gości4

We offer an apartment for 4 employees in Gliwice Toszecka Street consisting of a room, kitchen and bathroom.

* Room equipment: single beds with a set of bedding, closet, bookcase, TV set.
* Bathroom equipment: shower, toilet, sink.
* Kitchen equipment: refrigerator, induction hob, microwave oven, kettle, set of dishes and necessary kitchen accessories.

At the disposal of guests: washing machine, dryers, internet

Smoking room on the floor – as a separate room

City heating.


Nearby: grocery stores such as Lidl, Aldi, clinic, pharmacy, bakery, pastry shop, park, churches, swimming pool, other smaller stores.

Communication: bus stops, railway and bus station (1.5 km), entrance to Drogowa Trasa Średnicowa (about 900 m.).


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